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QBL – furniture system for the ski rental

The collection of furniture designed for the ski rental includes: service desk, check-in, ski rack and benches.


The inspiration for finishing the furniture were alpine huts made of natural materials such as wood or stone.


The greatest challenge for us was to consider very difficult conditions that furniture will be exposed to such as very high intensity of use, high risk of scratching through sharp ski edges as well as ubiquitous water.


The design assumption was the use of appropriate materials that guarantee durability and high quality of furniture. We used stainless steel, waterproof plywood and top quality veneer with a natural wood structure. The top was covered with milled rubber, non-slip. We decided on a minimalistic form of furniture, which gives the possibility of personalization of selected fronts and finishes.


Thanks to functional solutions, we have established and accelerated the operation of ski rental services. We have created a place for assembly tools or an innovative solution for draining water from the worktop.


QBL Storage Systems


Madalena Paleczna


June 20, 2017


Case study, furniture