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Omni desk

The very important element of the Omni collection was the desk. The idea was to create a small, minimalist desk for a home office with functional storage cabinets and drawers.
In order to check the needs of users, we have used social media, where we asked people whether they like the desk with open or closed lockers. Thanks to a multimedia survey conducted on facebook, we have reached over 30,000 people.


The users chose a desk with closed lockers, so we designed this version.

Due to the small size of the desk, the desk can also function as a dressing table. Moreover, it’s very easy to adapt to any interior. The challenge we faced was to design a niche where the cable or power supply could be hidden.
Additionally, thanks to ergonomic analysis, desk drawers were designed to not interfere with the user while sitting and also to help to organize the workplace quickly.
Omni Desk has rounded oak legs and a desktop which has distinctive split. The niche is made of solid oak, while the desktop is white. According to recent observations and trends, people prefer bright spaces and bright colors which help lighten flats, especially small ones. In addition, the desk box modules can be moved to different place.
Paged Meble
Must Have 2018
Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Klaudia Kasprzak
April 5, 2018