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Maxliving – Infinity


The Infinity module bedroom has been designed with its users’ changing needs in mind. It features upholstered headboard modules which can be added at any time, depending on the size of the room.


At the beginning of the project, we asked ourselves, what does the space around our bed usually look like, what items are in its vicinity and what do we keep next to ourselves before and after we have gone to sleep. That’s why it was important to ensure, for example, a spot for a mobile phone, charging electronic devices, a spot where you can put a book or a cup of tea.


The bedroom and the headboard surround their user, creating a cosy ambience. They can be twisted to form a screen or be placed directly against a wall. The bedroom has been designed with the use of materials such as wood and high-quality upholstery, finished with bright-coloured leather. It symbolises the MaxLiving philosophy, where only natural materials of the highest quality are used.


The bed’s sizes match standard types of mattresses offered by various producers.


Additionally, the bed features a platform, making it easy to keep the space underneath the bed clean.


This piece of furniture has rounded elements, preventing even the heaviest of sleepers from bumping against the edges.


The chest of drawers is a part of the project. It features an upholstered front side, it is soft and cosy.


The project has received an accolade in a contest organised by Max-Fliz.




March 18, 2017


Case study, furniture


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