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Magsy – branding

The idea behind the project was to design a logo not only for the bag but for the whole brand, which would symbolize values such as love, harmony, and trust.


We have proposed three logo concepts. The first of them contained an image of open hands, symbolizing care, security, and harmony.


Second, was a heart motif, specifically blue, which symbolizes devotion, stable love, trust, calmness, and loyalty. The last one is the letter M, which refers to the brand name – Magsy.


Ultimately, the logo is the letter M resembling the heart. The basic logo is kept in blue color, which of course has other variants, matching the bags.


The bag is marked with a symbol in the bottom right corner on the front and on a changing mat (which is included in the bag). In addition, the logo is also on silicone clasps at the locks.


Eventually, we managed to include all the concepts and values in one logo. According to this, Magsy associates itself as a trustworthy, warm brand which promotes good and active parenting.



Graphic and DTP designer:

Izabela Rachwał


June 4, 2017


brand strategy, Case study


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