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Magsy – Bag

The assumption of the project was to design a walking bag which not stigmatizes mothers or fathers. The bag can be used by both men and women thanks to its neutral look and colors.


During the project, the parents tested the prototypes of the bag. Their comments and ideas were included in the further design.


The main functions of Magsy are capacity, compactness and good quality materials with neat finishing.


The bag was designed for active parents who like to go for walks or trips with their children. Despite the small size of the bag, it is possible to pack many accessories which are necessary to take for a walk or longer trip.


So far every walk or long trip involved picking up several bags. Therefore Magsy’s biggest advantage is its capacity. It is possible to pack even a 15-inch laptop, so the bag will work perfectly for working parents. On the sides of the bag are rubber bands that hold bottles.


Magsy has many useful pockets and compartments. The bag includes a changing mat that is easy to clean. In addition, a separate sachet can be zip up to the bag. It has a special strap, allowing to put it on the arm. Therefore parent can bring the most precious things (phone, wallet, keys) when they leave for a moment from the trolley.


The bag can be held in a hand, worn on the shoulder. It can also pin it to a trolley or clip the straps and use as a backpack. The form of the backpack is a great solution because it allows the parents to take the baby to hands.

The main functions of the bag and its ability to transformation are presented in a stop motion made by Panopticon Films.




Magdalena Paleczna, Ewa Parfianowicz


June 28, 2017


Case study, product design


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