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Kamet – Stand and Expositor

The main assumption of the project was to use bending, welding, and laser cutting technology, which Kamet uses in its day-to-day work, ie production of plating elements and chassis of buses and coaches.


All the elements of the stand were made in a production plant and were made of the aluminum modules, which were easy to transport and assemble on the trade fair.


The highlight of the stand was the illuminated display of the product, resembling the laboratory. In the cross-section were showed the highest quality of the welds presented by Kamet.


The main element of the stand was a video wall on which was displayed the film and animations made by Panopticon Films. Watching these films people could get to know Kamet and its products.


The Oculus Rift attracted the attention of spectators. Using this virtual reality tool, Kamet presented a bus produced by them with marked elements of equipment. This method of presentation distinguished the Kamet stand among other stands presented at Busworld Kortrijk.




Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Magdalena Paleczna, Klaudia Kasprzak


April 24, 2017


Case study, spaces


husarska, husarska design studio, kamet, stand, trade fair