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Jagiełło – Bowls

Our client Jagiełło asked us to design a new line of kitchen accessories, using their technology and the color scheme of earlier products.


We have designed a series of five bowls of different capacity – 0,5l, 0,7l, 1,5l (pouring bowl), 3l (colander), 4l.


The bowls can be sold separately or in sets. They can be put one in another so they occupy little space in the kitchen and are convenient for transportation.


We have tried to improve the material from which the bowls are made, so we have used two kinds of a surface – shine and mat.


An important element of the bowl is its ergonomic handle, which is useful, for ex. while straining pasta. One of the bowls also features a specially shaped pouring spout for pouring liquids.


The bowls have a hard rolled up rim, which stiffens them. They also have measuring line inside the bowl. Moreover, there have pictograms on the bottom with information about using them in the dishwasher, microwave or the freezer.


Another product we designed for Jagiełło is the drainboard.




Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina, Magdalena Paleczna


June 7, 2017


Case study, product design


bowls, husarska, husarska design studio, kitchen accessories