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Hoppa for Bellamy


The Bellamy company, a well-known and respected across the whole Europe producer of children’s furniture has asked us to design a collection for them.


Who knows it best, how a perfect bed, desk or wardrobe for a child should like?


Parents, of course. That is why we approached them first when beginning the works on the new collection. Through numerous interviews, we have gained priceless remarks and suggestions.


What did the parents expect the most? Furniture that is durable and would serve children for as long as possible. But how can parents’ wishes be granted, if their kids grow so fast?


Intensive brainstorms in our office brought us the desired result: a perfect combination of children’s needs, parents’ dreams and our ideas.


The most important feature of the Hoppa collection is that each of the pieces of furniture grows along with the child. As the months go by, the furniture can be modified in such a way, to serve new purposes, adequately to the new needs of the room’s inhabitant.


The bed can be turned into a couch. The ladder at the bed can serve as an organizer or a wall for hanging containers. The sides of the bed will become the top of a desk. The clothes rack in the wardrobe can be lifted and adjusted to the child’s height. In this way, Hoppa becomes furniture both for toddlers and older kids.


The additional shelf for an electric nanny is a solution offered in response to parents’ expectations. First, the shelf is mounted to the bed and then can be used as a wall shelf.


The whole collection features slightly rounded shapes, inspired by Scandinavian style. Northern influence also reveals itself in the pastel colors of the furniture.


The collection is complemented by the bookcase, chest of drawers and wardrobe, all designed by us. All furniture from the Hoppa collection is rounded, thus being safer for a child. It is made of birch plywood and white furniture board. It is vital for a child’s balanced development that it have contact with natural wood and other natural materials from the earliest years.


All the paints used for the finishing of the Hoppa collection have proper approvals, rendering them suitable for kids.




Jadwiga Husarska, Magdalena Paleczna, Ewa Parfianowicz


July 28, 2017


Case study, furniture


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