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Apus Sports – Space Bar

When we started designing the Space Bars, we watched a lot of videos from the body pump sessions to see how people exercise. It is important that these exercises are more a group practice rather than individual training.


We also talked with the class teachers to find out for what exercises the space bars can be used and how they can be used on the barbell.


What is interesting, the main users of space bars are women. But while designing the product, we wanted to create a form which could be used also by men, especially since the number of space bars fans among them is rapidly growing.


The Space Bars are designed in three different weights: 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg. They can be assembled and clipped together on one another, so they do not move on the barbell.


Each of the Space Bar designed for Apus Sports has also an additional middle handle that is the innovative solution on a global scale, as it allows to perform other exercises such as swinging. The center of gravity is in the center of a palm and the weight is adjusted to both female and male hands. Additionally, when the weight is on the barbell, it does not roll and it is easy to pick it up out of the ground.


The rubber and colorful Space Bars differ in shape because the customer wanted to design other forms for rubber weights. The rubber version supposed to be cheaper in production and also in sales. But creating this type of space bar was more challenging because the rubber is much heavier than polyurethane, so when we poured it over weight, it was much heavier than the polyurethane one.


What distinguishes the Space Bar on the market among other products is the fact that it has three handles – two one the sides and one in the middle. This allows the user to do many more exercises, with two hands as well as with one hand, than other competitive products.


Apus Sports


Magdalena Paleczna, Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina


Golden Medal award at International Poznan Fair


March 17, 2017


Case study, product design


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