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Akukuu Indoor Playground – Branding and philosophy

The branding idea for the Akukuu playroom was to communicate the ideology of smart education of children. That is how we gave birth to the series of play areas symbolised by planets visited by the brand hero – Henry the Rabbit and his friends.

Each of the play areas features measures for stimulation children’s physical, mental, intellectual and musical development.

According to the research, play is vital for a child’s development, especially at the early stages of its life. Through playing, children learn about the world that surround them. That is why it is so important to correctly furnish the play areas of a playroom, supporting children’s development. Play facilitates the synergy of various senses at all the stages of development, especially before the age of 4 and between the age of 4 and 8, when it progresses very rapidly. This group is especially interested in what a playroom has to offer.

Henry the Rabbit is the guide to the particular planets, as he travels with his friends from one to another. In the same way, children jump from one play area to another. Area to area.

Each of the play areas features illustrations on the walls, depicting Henry and his friends in various situations related to playing. For instance, the characters are jumping on a trampoline, sit on a throne or drive go karts. The planets are directly reflected in the subsequent zones of the room.

Bianka and Kazik are Henry’s friends. Each of the characters represents children from a different age group, of different personalities and genders. Such an approach shows us that this is a place for everyone who enjoys great fun, regardless of their age or gender.

We have designed a special set of tableware for children celebrating their birthdays in the playroom. It is part of the birthday package. It consists of cups, plates, napkins, hats and a crown for the birthday person.

We have also designed soft toys which can be bought at the front desk and in the playroom’s gift shop. The branded packagings serve for storing popcorn and coffee, as they are coherent with the graphical identification of the playroom.

When creating the website, the Aliso agency followed the principles consistent with the philosophy behind the playroom. The particular sections on the site are represented by different planets, and the website itself is interactive, featuring animated elements.

The Studio coordinated the creation of the animated promotional video, available at the Akukuu site which has been shown in cinemas throughout Małopolska. An original song was also created for the purposes of the spot. The characters of Henry and his friends are set into motion owing to the 3D animation techniques. The animation has been produced by the Panopticon Films studio.




Jadwiga Husarska, Kasia Gierat, Magdalena Paleczna, Klaudia Kasprzak


March 18, 2017


brand strategy, Case study


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