Conscious design helps us simplify and beautify the world around us. And yet, industrial design is not limited to pretty forms. Most of all, it involves responding to them with everyday challenges and innovative solutions.

The products we design will surprise you with creative solutions, but they match the clients’ actual needs as well. It is reflected in the ever-growing number of market launches, satisfied customers, and received awards. Entrusting the Husarska studio with the management of your product will increase the sales rate and establish the product’s position in the market. By investing in professionals, you invest in profit.

who we are?

We distinguish ourselves by professionally and individually approaching each and every one of our clients. We cooperate with the finest engineers and constructors, and our team can boast with numerous market launches and awards. The products we have designed are available in stores all over the world, as well as owned by private collectors.

The Husarska sp. z o.o. design studio was established in 2014, but the Husarska brand itself has been present in the market for a much longer time. Our team comprises experienced, creative and accomplished designers and graphic designers. They will ensure the ergonomics and design of your product as early as at the stage of conceptualising and preparing the prototypes.

why are we worth your trust ?

We see design as the creation of elegant, practical and, at the same time,  profit-oriented objects. Although the designing of products is our strong suit, our area of expertise is far wider. We create designs of commercial and exposition stands, taking utmost care in the visual identification which is, to a large extent, responsible for a company’s success.

We have excellent understanding of the market and our clients. We know that a well-prepared product results in a fruitful, long-term cooperation.

We strive at going beyond limits and creating innovative projects, to meet our clients’ expectations. We know that every designer’s dream is to satisfy the customer.

what we do?

BY DESIGNING THE PRODUCT we have successfully implemented numerous products, designing them from scratch in accordance with our experience and the client’s expectations. Before we commence the designing process, we conduct numerous studies and surveys among the members of our target groups. This allows us to find out as much as possible about their needs. We have created products for companies such as Apus Sports or EgzoTech.

BY DESIGNING PACKAGINGS – well-designed packagings increase the sales of a product. That’s why it’s a smart move to invest in professionals who will design unique packagings for you. We have been trusted by numerous brands, including EQ Multichi Energy

BY DESIGNING FURNITURE – furniture created by our designers can be seen at expositions and fairs all over the globe. Chairs designed by the HUSARSKA studio have won many prestigious awards and accolades, including: Must Have, Dobry Design 2011, accolades in the Make Me and Śląska Rzecz 2012 competitions. Owing to highest-quality materials, our furniture is more durable, staying elegant at the same time. We have been trusted by brands such as Paged Meble and Nowy Styl.

BY DESIGNING EXPOSITION STANDS –  we cooperate with the finest engineers and constructors to bring you exposition system designs, enabling our clients to showcase not only their products, but a professionally furnished stand as well. We have designed exposition stands for such companies as Kamet S.A. or Apus Sports.

BY INTERIOR DESIGN  – cooperation with architects is our daily bread. Many clients have entrusted us with creating interior designs. We rise up to the challenges with great satisfaction, exhibiting full professionalism and highest standards of quality. We have created interior designs for clients such as Akukuu or Kamet S.A.