ISH 2019

This year our projects dominated at the SanSwiss stand during ISH 2019 in Frankfurt. The final effect of the stand exceeded our expectations. Guests of the SanSwiss stand were delighted.

We were proud to present the newest project for SanSwiss – the CADURA collection. It combines sophisticated design, ergonomics of details and the highest quality materials with brand new functionalities. 


The inspiration for designing the series was flexibility of the life-giving ingredient which is water. This natural element, its depth and uncontrollable strength inspired us to create extremely ergonomic and functional solutions.
While designing Cadura we were looking for Sanswiss roots and incredible plateaus of Switzerland. Therefore we traveled to the springs hidden high in Alps inside breathtaking ice caves. As a result of our journey we saw this mysterious moment when crystal clear water is pouring out. We were searching for an essence of emotions while taking shower. Digging deeper in mysterious nature of water phases we found it very inspiring. Especially interesting was a moment when water change it’s state from solid state to ice.



The CADURA collection consists of several models of sliding and tilting cabins. In addition to a number of functional solutions, CADURA stands out with its beautiful details. Hinges and handles were created in our studio for the longest time. We modeled them by hand to get the most ergonomic grip and a perfect form.
Combination of carefully selected raw materials with Swiss precision resulted in creating series which is chracteristic for its pure design and high functionality solutions. Smooth and delicate but still very expressive line of extremely original fittings’ shapes the surface of which brings to mind the smoothness of the ice sheet. That is the most distinctive element of our CADURA project.

You can find the case study of the CADURA project here. 

As a result of our design work the new series of SanSwiss shower enclosure became a reflection of sophisticated style and unrestrained nature of water. Natural spontaneity and volatility of water is precisely SanSwiss CADURA.

Here you can get more details of the CADURA series.