Jadwiga Husarska is celebrating an unusual jubilee: Aldo, the designer’s 50th chair, will have its premiere at the Salone del Mobile Milano expo in April.

However, even before her professional career really took of, Jadwiga Husarska honed her skills working side by side with her father in their home workshop. Together, they would make tables and benches for the family dining room. It was then when she learned teamwork which requires making decisions based on logical arguments. To this day, Husarska considers this skill to be of great importance for her.

The young designer’s passion was largely influenced by the fact of coming from an artistic family. Her mother, a sculptor, always enabled her daughter to realise her ideas with the use of a piece of paper or clay.

The series of the 50 chairs began in 2008 with the collection for Nowy Styl.

The furniture has gained much recognition and has been sold ever since. Within the next 8 years, further models have been created, gaining many awards, including Must Have, Make Me, Good Design award, Golden Medal at Poznan Fair, Silesian Thing award. But Husarska’s  strongest motivation is bringing joy to the users, providing them with well-designed products.

And the greatest award is the clients’ further development, made possible owing to her products which also result in stable employment for the workers. Gazelli, made for Paged Meble, is the most technologically advanced chair ever designed by Husarska Studio Design. It was presented at the Milan expo in 2010 and its construction aroused great attention and admiration. The armrests, backrest and rear legs of the Gazelli chair, are one single element. The Xchair and Polonia lines, also designed for Paged, are another models which Husarska recalls with great sentiment.