The furniture we have created for the distinguished and well-liked Bellamy brand, will be a friend to children for years to come. We have designed Hoppa collection to grow together with them.

The furniture has been made of natural wood, making its body light and extremely durable. The colour palette is dominated by white hues, making Hoppa fit the eye-pleasing Scandinavian style.

But Hoppa is so much more than just attractive appearance: it also stands for creative solutions which are a direct answer to parents’ needs. The most important facilitation is the shelf for an electrical nanny, attached to a crib.

When no longer needed, the shelf can be turned into a wall shelf, perfect for toys or books.

There are many more of such elements which grow together with the room’s resident.

  • the bed can be turned into a futon in a few easy moves
  • the ladder on the bed becomes an organiser or a wall for containers;
  • the sides of the bed can be used as the top of a small desk.

The multi- functionality of the furniture from the Hoppa collection will fulfil the growing child’s needs throughout the next several years. At the same time – it will help the parents cut the costs, as they won’t have to further invest in furnishing the room.